URGENT - userSignUpWithPassword broken "Sandbox Error: Extensibility error" ๐Ÿ›‘

A user just tried to sign up to my service and got this error:

    "data": null,
    "errors": [
            "message": "The request is invalid.",
            "locations": [
                    "line": 2,
                    "column": 3
            "path": [
            "code": "ValidationError",
            "details": {
                "user": "Sandbox Error: Extensibility error"

I immediately recognized the 'sandbox error" message from the last time my user signups were broken in late 2021.

Please see this post: URGENT - SIGNUPS BROKEN: "Sandbox Error: Extensibility error"

8base had to fix it on their end last time. Can you please look into fixing this again :pray:

@timothy.myers you were the one who helped out and commented on it last time. Perhaps you could help again?

Hello Mark!
On that, will come back to you asap.

Could you provide your email?

@Fomich Absolutely, I sent it to you in a private message.

Has this issue been resolved?

Yes, should be ok now, please check and sorry for the inconvenience. Btw, use the internal support next time for immediate response.

@Fomich Thank you for the help!

As for internal support, Where do I find that?

In the early days of 8base there was a live chat Iโ€™ve used for help every time the 8base service stopped working. But that was removed a long time ago?

Is there another place to submit urgent issues?

Also could you elaborate on what happened. Last time I got this error I was told it was a scheduled maintenance that 8base forgot to tell me about, and that 8base would be sure to send out a notice next time.

But I didnโ€™t get any maintenance notice for this time either.


Yes, weโ€™ve cancelled the live chat support, but there is an internal help center available right from the console. Just click on question mark icon in the top right corner near your profile and follow Contact Support

Make sure you use it for the urgent issues like this one.

Yeah, I remember the last time you get it, error is the same, but it was definitely not the maintenance thing this time. Actually weโ€™re still investigating what exactly caused this bug. As I see youโ€™re the long-time 8base member using the legacy authentication profile (which runs Auth0 under the hood, now 8base default one is Amazon Cognito) - sign-up for this one was impacted specifically. However, we got it covered with the regression suite and moreover the last release wasnโ€™t connected with authentication at all. I suppose this one was some edge case related to some DevOps stuff we did and couldnโ€™t guess youโ€™ll be impacted.
Anyway, Iโ€™m really sorry for that and understand the sign-up on your production environment was down for a while. We will take action to prevent these kind of incedients by all means.