How do I set up Apollo and NextJS to use GraphQL Subscriptions?

Hi guys, trying to set up wss with apollo and nextjs. using this set up:

import {
} from "@apollo/client";
import { GraphQLWsLink } from "@apollo/client/link/subscriptions";
import { createClient } from "graphql-ws";

import { setContext } from "@apollo/client/link/context";
import { getMainDefinition } from "@apollo/client/utilities";

const httpLink = createHttpLink({
  uri: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_BACKEND_URL!,
  // ...(isLive && { credentials: "include" }),

const wssLink = new GraphQLWsLink(
    url: "wss://",
    connectionParams: async () => {
      const token = await checkAuth0Token();
      return {
        workspaceId: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_8BASE_ENV,
        environmentName: "staging",
    webSocketImpl: require("websocket").w3cwebsocket,

export const checkAuth0Token = async () => {
  if (typeof window !== "undefined") {
    const res = await fetch("/api/session");
    if (res.ok) {
      const ses = await res.json();
      return ses?.idToken || null;

const authLink = setContext(async (_, { headers }) => {
  // get the authentication token from local storage if it exists
  const token = await checkAuth0Token();
  // return the headers to the context so httpLink can read them
  return {
    headers: {
      authorization: token ? `Bearer ${token}` : "",
      // ...(isLive && { credentials: "include" }),

const cache = new InMemoryCache();

const splitLink = split(
  ({ query }) => {
    const definition = getMainDefinition(query);
    return (
      definition.kind === "OperationDefinition" &&
      definition.operation === "subscription"

const client = new ApolloClient({
  link: splitLink,
  credentials: "include",

I just get an ‘WebSocket connection to ‘wss://’ failed: undefined’ with no error message. Any idea what this may be about?

This topic should be answered in this thread: Subscriptions with Vue Apollo Next

Thanks for the reply -
So I went through that thread and got things working. However originally I was trying to use the graphql-ws package alongside apollo. I eventually made an issue request on the graphql-ws repo -

When a websocket connection is made with, it return with an

  payload: null,
  type: 'connection_ack',

Apparently, returning a null payload is actually against the graphql ws specification - and was causing the graphql-ws library to throw an error. This was the guys response: Error: Invalid message · Issue #348 · enisdenjo/graphql-ws · GitHub

As I mentioned, I managed to throw out the graphql-ws library and get it working using the libraries outlined in the thread above, but graphql-ws is the library apollo suggests for working with subscriptions, so it may be worth you guys checking out? - Subscriptions - Apollo GraphQL Docs

Managed to get things working on my side though, thanks again for the quick support

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Great to hear you pushed through and got it working! Thanks for the advice on this issue :+1::+1: