Filter query to records with blank/null relationship?

I want to query for records without a relationship to a given table - could query for all records and filter in JS easily enough, but that seems inefficient, and the table could get pretty large.

I’ve tried a bunch of guesses and clicked through the OneGraph explorer (such a useful tool by the way) but the closest I’ve got was
pOPartsList(filter: {purchaseOrder: {id: {is_empty: true}}}) {
The problem is that this returns an empty array, as there are no purchase orders without IDs - there are pOParts without purchase orders though.

What I really want is something more like:
pOPartsList(filter: {purchaseOrder: null}) {
This doesn’t work though, nor does using an empty string instead.

Is there a way to filter for this or does it have to be client-side JS (easy to do but uses more compute resources so feels wasteful)?

Hey sam! We’re going to fix this one in the next 48-hours. Mission on!

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this should work now


What a turnaround. Thanks team, works perfectly!