Delete User from Auth0 account

What’s your idea?

When a User is deleted from 8base console, should also be deleted on the custom Auth0 account (if any)

What problem might it solve?

Right now, we have to manually delete all the users in Auth0 after deleting them in 8base.

Have you seen it somewhere else?

Any ideas on how you think it could/should work?

Hook the user deletion to the Auth0 client ID that was used to create it, so that when the user is deleted, it can be deleted as well from Auth0


That could explain why I can’t sign up with an email I made a test account with ages ago and deleted it in 8base!

Thanks for reporting this @alacret been bugging me for so long. Hopefully they can fix it :slight_smile:

related to this: "A user with that email already exists" sadly no one ever responded though :frowning:

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@sebastian.scholl @ilya.8base @eugene.antonevich any update on this?

@MarkLyck @alacret
We will implement this feature soon, but this feature will be valid only for 8base app users. If you have your own auth0 account with app users you still have to delete users by yourself.
Will it help to resolve your issue?

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It my case this only makes sense for custom Auth0 accounts, maybe a check mark could be implemented for doing this to indicate that the user should be deleted also from Auth0.

Keep in mind that both 8base and Auth0 bill base on the amount of Users of the account, so I think this could be an important feature.


In my case it would fix my problem. (I use 8base’s Auth0).

But agree with @alacret whether 8base or custom there needs to be “some way” to delete users. But I’m not familiar with custom Auth0 and whether there’s a non-8base way to delete users.

We have discussed this feature with the team and have separated this feature on two parts:

  1. Delete a user from 8base auth0 account by default if exist.
  2. Add the opportunity to specify authProfileId during delete users. The server will try to delete the user from the remote auth provider according to the authProfileId.
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This sounds good.

Regarding 2: Doesn’t the authProfileId is already associated to a user upon creation?

There are three ways to create user.

  1. userCreate mutation: just create user in 8base database.
  2. userSignUpWithPassword: it check if user is missing in remote auth system according to authProfileId, then create user in 8base database, then assign roles from authProfile to created user, then create user in remote auth system
  3. userSignUpWithToken: create user in 8base database then assign roles from authProfile to created user
    There is no any association between user in 8base and user in external auth systems.
    You could create user with userCreate mutation and create user with the same email in several external auth systems. Then create auth profile which let us know how to parse user’s id token (and “confirm” you trust this auth system). User receive id token from remote auth system and perform actions with this id token in 8base system.