"A user with that email already exists"

[not an urgent bug, but would be nice to get resolved some day]

A few months ago I created a user with my main email hello@x.com, I. then deleted the user to sign back up again to test something and I got an error “A user with that email already exists”.

So I had to add an annoying suffix to my everyday login "hello+test@x.com"

Today I needed to test a new signup feature again so I tried using that email to see if it was still blocked. I was able to sign up correctly today :slight_smile: . However when I deleted the user and tried signing up again (for testing purposes). I got the same error I did a few months ago “A user with that email already exists”.

I tried again a few hours later and still the same.

Why is my email address blocked after I delete the user it was associated with.

As an 8base user, I expect to be able to sign up a user with an email. Delete the user, and then be able to sign up with the same email again,

I’m using the. mutation “userSignUpWithPassword” to create my users.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Sign up a user with “userSignUpWithPassword” mutation
  • Navigate to the 8base App and delete the user you just created.
  • Attempt to sign up again with the same email as before.
  • The above error will occur.

Note the email I used is NOT the same as my 8base login. (not sure if that matters).

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Hi! Thanks for the report!
Are you using your own auth0 account (custom) to manage user or default auth0 account?

with the default one but using the userSignUpWithPassword mutation

I believe this is related to this question: Delete User from Auth0 account

I’m still having to login with an email like this normal.email+test@company.com to use my own service :man_facepalming: