Cannot delete data in my tables

Hi! Im getting a "workspace is blocked error when i try to delete some columns in my db


Sorry for that, looking into that. I will come back to you with it and Production workspace changing to free tier automatically soon.

Hey @gabriel.espinoza !
I raised internal support request for that. Looks like workspace owner doesn’t have credit card attached.
We can continue there, did you get email from help desk?

Hello Fomich
Can you elaborate further? I have a credit card on the account and I was able to use it to upgrade to professional again…
so, was my card there and one payment was declined?
or are you constantly having trouble with payments?
I’m worried about my other workspaces downgrading to free tier with no notice.

Im getting a problem with this workspace again, no data is showing up

@andres.ontaneda Hey, I’ll check this and come back to you shortly.
Can we continue in internal support?
@gabriel.espinoza Platform is down right now, working on that. Check for updates at and sorry for inconvenience.

@gabriel.espinoza System is back online and sorry again!

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