Workspace Name In Custom functions

Is there a way we can access the workspace name inside the custom functions like Master,Staging,

Hey @skiran!
You can get it from FunctionContext like this ctx.environmentName
Docs reference functions-types/index.d.ts at master · 8base/functions-types · GitHub

I tried this but it returns undefined

Hello skiran, can you show a screenshoot of how are you testing/running the custom function?

Hi @skiran,

Did you happen to resolve this? If so, what was the solution?

Hi @igor.solovyov
When I logged the context object and it was only printing Context Object {"api":{},"workspaceId":"my workspace id"} but not the environment name. also i logged context.environmentName it was printing undefined

@rey No I was not able to resolve this. as a work around we created a environment variable in each branch and validating in the custom functions to check the env

Hey @skiran!
Please share you custom function source code, thanks!

Hi @igor.solovyov below is my custom function

module.exports = async (event, ctx) => {

//some logic

return {
        data: {

        errors: []

Hi @skiran, can you confirm, is this the result you get when invoking the function locally with invoke-local or do you get this result when the function is executed on the server?

Hi @rey ,

You are right I am able to get the environment name on the server but not when i invoke the function locally. Thank you.