Where is the auth_profile_id? (link for the Authentication Profile .md doesn't work), and where is the .env file?

I’m following everything in the QuickStart, it’s tough as a lot of things seem missing in the explanations. Stuck at Course 3.

Seriously thinking what this is meant to be. I’m trying to learn it, and the other concepts involved, but just keep hitting so many roadblocks that I have to google the answer, but where is the auth_profile_id?

I really want to like this platform, but it’s just making less sense the harder I try to understand it.

Hey @john,

We’ve just had a new release happen last week and with that a ton of changes, so our docs do need some love and care, which we’re working on.

Your authentication profile information can be found in t he 8base console in your backend under the “App Services” menu. There you’ll find the Authentication section where you can view all your authentication profiles.

Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks much.