Week 21: Using Handlebars Notation in Input Fields

Hi there,

If you’re unfamiliar with Handlebars, it’s a simple templating language that allows you to write logical expressions or access data values. For example, the first line of this email was “Hi {{ firstName }}”… and that’s the magic of Handlebars!

However, instead of limiting its use to simple templating, App Builder allows you to use Handlebars notation directly in input fields. This allows for much more flexibility regarding data input and manipulation. This means that to determine the value passed to an input, you could reference values stored in State Management, a JavaScript function, or even straight JavaScript like {\{ new Date().toISOString() }\}.

Using Handlebars Notation in Input Fields

Pretty neat, right? If you have questions about this, definitely ask them in the 8base Community!

Happy Developing!