Week 12: Use the --mode flag when branching Workspaces for CI/CD

This week’s tip is to watch this video about using CI/CD… okay thank you goodbye…


Okay, not really. However, it is a highly recommended watch for any one who hasn’t yet set up CI/CD. That said, this tip is a cool feature to use when setting up/managing your CI/CD pipeline.

Let’s imagine that I want to create new Workspace branches for developing different features. In one of them I need data to play with and in the other I don’t. This can be accomplished easily using the –mode flag in the branch command.

Check it out:

Use the --mode flag when branching Workspaces for CICD (screenshot)

Checkout the docs on branching Workspace environments to learn more and if you have any questions about this, definitely ask them in the 8base Community!

Happy Developing!