Using firebase auth instead of Auth0

I currently have users in my Firebase app. Can I keep my current Firebase auth login pages and still validate against the 8base roles and permissions settings for content, keeping Firebase logged in users in sync with 8base content?

Hello @tehfailsafe!

Actually you can!
I wrote an example for you:
All you need is configurate openid auth profile at 8base. See screenshot attached.

Let me know, if you have some questions.

Hey @tehfailsafe! @vorobeez is correct that it’s 100% doable. Please know that it is a feature on the Professional plan.

Sweet, thanks @vorobeez! I am actually unable to use the AppProvider in the current Gatsby context as it runs all content through an SSR step.

Can I just create my own hooks/provider instead? And is this possible without requiring me to pay the $149/month instead of $8?

@tehfailsafe we already know about Gatsby and App Provider issue and going to work on this soon. I will let you know as soon as it be fixed. Thank you for reporting!


  1. You can use any graphql request library.
    For authorization you should get idToken from Firebase ( and sign up a user in 8base ( Don’t forget to set authorization header for every graphql request (
    That’s all you need.

  2. It’s not possible to do it without open id auth profile.

Perfect, thank you @vorobeez I’ll try that this afternoon.

Added some questions directly on the repo