userSignUpWithPassword error: ESOCKETTIMEDOUT

I just created a new “Free tier” 8base workspace to use with a react-native application I’m building.

I copied over the exact same code I use to handle sigup/login on my 2 other 8base workspaces to get going.

However when running the userSignUpWithPassword in this workspace I get the following error:

graphQLError Object {
  "locations": Array [
    Object {
      "column": 3,
      "line": 2,
  "message": "ESOCKETTIMEDOUT",
  "path": Array [

The error describes “what” happened, but not why it happened. So I’m unsure how to solve this?

I have a suspicion it’s because the free tier does not allow for “Self-Sign-Up”, but since the error isn’t descriptive I can’t be sure if that’s the problem or if it’s something to do with the react-native code?

I would like to be able to build out the base framework for my application before publishing it and upgrading to the dev tier at 8base.

here is my mutation:

export const USER_SIGNUP = gql`
  mutation userSignUpWithPassword(
    $email: String!
    $password: String!
  ) {
      authProfileId: "${AUTH_PROFILE_ID}"
      password: $password
      user: {
        email: $email
    ) {

where AUTH_PROFILE_ID is the id of my authentication profile for this workspace. (with self-signup turned off).

I use the following graphQL client from apollo:

import { ApolloClient, InMemoryCache } from '@apollo/client';

// Initialize Apollo Client
const client = new ApolloClient({
    uri: '',
    cache: new InMemoryCache()

Is this error happening because of the free tier? (if so can I suggest providing a more descriptive error message?, and is there a way to manually sign up a single user for testing purposes?)

if not, any idea what I’m missing for this?

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@MarkLyck can you please open a support ticket with this topics link and your workspace ID? Thank you

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@sebastian.scholl will do, thanks!


To sign up a user for testing on free tier plan you can do next steps

  1. Create 8base auth profile without self signup option
  2. Create user with in 8base workspace via userCreate mutation
  3. Sign up user with the same email via hosted ui with received client id
  4. Use this email in your app
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