[Useful] Expose 8base for reporting

We use Power BI internally for reporting and datavis (highly recommend, fantastic tool). It can connect to a bunch of things but struggles with OAuth and GraphQL so I’ve built a few proxies - just using Azure Functions and bouncing the requests through so Power BI can pretend it’s dealing with a REST data source.

Basically whitelist resources that you want and the function uses GraphQL introspection to get all fields, and then queries for those. Includes primary key for relations (good stuff 8base team on including those) so you can do table joins as required.
Also supports incremental exports instead of all data every time (if since query parameter is set, it filters on GraphQL side).

I imagine a few other people will face a similar situation so I’ve chucked the code on Github:

Code provided is for Azure Functions, but should be able to adapt to other platforms pretty easily (AWS Lambda or GCF).
If you’re looking for a free option, I’ve also started using Pipedream recently and rate it

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Not directly related, but I’ve been experimenting with AWS API Gateway for rate limiting (still not sure if total or by IP/NAT?) and maybe security. I successfully productionized my React app with AWS Amplify (categorized in mobile, but works perfectly with SPAs), and Route 53 (DNS), trying to learn the differences between AWS and CloudeFlare options. AWS is definitely more “raw”, tailored for techies. Amplify supports GitHub integration uses CloudFront under the hood, so you get automatic CDN.

Interesting, have you tried Netlify?
Started using it for static sites almost 2y ago and never looked back - it’s unbelievably easy to use (just connect to Git and let it build every time you push to the repo) and free

Yes, I did try Netlify, and also Now.sh. Netlify was extremely easy to get working. I wanted to see if I could do the same with AWS, and compare the costs since some people mention Netlify can be more expensive. Their price jumps from $45/m “pro developers building pilot projects or small sites” to $1000 ?? Why do they want to scare potential customers? :slight_smile:

How is their CDN compared to CloudFront or CloudFlare? With continuous integration and delivery, there could be many code pushes per day, to staging and production. Does that work with their pricing?

I’m not advocating AWS, but so far it’s less of a sticker shock. They even have pricing examples, such as “A startup team with 5 developers have an app that has 300 daily active users. The team commits code 2 times per day.” = $8.08 / month.