Use enums for country codes in address smart field?

What’s your idea?

Right now, all fields on the smart address type seem to be strings. I’m currently storing country codes in the country field instead of the full country name to make it easier to translate into different languages and to have a bit more consistency (make sure countries aren’t spelled in multiple different ways and stuff like that).

It would be awesome to have support for enums for the country field using country codes out of the box (something similar could probably be done with state/province as well, but not as straightforward). It would definitely be more work from 8base’s side to maintain, but it would add more consistency and safety/validation without the need of manually creating an address table to store addresses with those types ourselves.

Is that something 8base would consider doing?

hey @emroussel !

What I’d recommend doing here is building your own Addresses table with the fields you want and then making a relationship between one tabel and the other. You could 100% achieve this functionality doing it that way and then don’t need to be blocked by our road map.

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Yep makes sense!

Is expanding on the default address from 8base something on your roadmap/that you would consider doing? Not a blocker, mostly just a user experience thing.

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