Uploading document using @8base-react/file-input


I want to add feature of uploading documents in my application, I have tried to use @8base-react/file-input, but i am facing some issues like:

  1. Module not found: react-apollo
  2. Module not found: apollo/client

I am already using “@apollo/client”: “^3.6.4”
Examples given in the documentation is using old version of file input (@8base/file-input).

Could you please share any live example with @8base-react/file-input or help me solving issue.

Thank you!

Hi there @tulsi ! I’m alerting our support team of this one. Thanks

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Thanks Sebastian. This is critical for us. All of our current 8base projects require storing documents in 8base. Can you give me a rough ETA? 1 week? 1 month? 6 months? Thanks again!

@akarmach I totally understand. Just so you know, there is no requirement whatsoever of using the JS SDK for file uploads.