Unknown iss claim in authorization token error with 8base auth

I’m getting the following error when trying to fetch information about the logged in user after creating a new 8base authentication profile:

"Unknown iss claim in authorization token. Unable to find authentication profile with discovery endpoint https://8baseapp.auth0.com/."

Login works fine and I made sure that the idToken I get from the userLogin is correctly being passed in the authorization header. This same flow was working with the previous authentication profile I had, but it started breaking with the new one.

I thought the problem might be that the user was created with a different authentication profile, but I’m running into the same issue with newly created users. Am I missing something obvious? I can consistently reproduce on my project by doing this:

  • Create a new authentication profile
  • Create a new user under that profile using the userSignUpWithPassword mutation
  • Login with that user using userLogin
  • Pass the idToken from the login mutation to the authorization header and fetch that user’s info using the user query
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Hey! what kind of authentication profile did you create?

The basic 8base one:

@sebastian.scholl any follow-up on this one? I also found similar error when trying to add google login which integrated with firebase (difference only on the endpoint url).

I followed the steps from this one: https://github.com/8base/8base-firebase-auth-example/tree/master/client

This is odd… I’m getting it to work following the same steps.

  1. Is the user being added to your workspace users table?
  2. Can you share (without secrets!) the config for initializing the 8base Auth module in your client app?

oh, my bad. When I look again at the source code, turns out I use wrong id token when executing mutation. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I am still experiencing the issue with the steps I described above. I’m using the id token I get from the userLogin mutation and am able to decode it correctly on the frontend, but I get Unknown iss claim in authorization token. Unable to find authentication profile with discovery endpoint https://8baseapp.auth0.com/. when making requests to 8base with it.

It’s possible that I’m missing something, but I’m not really able to do any troubleshooting on my side. Authentication is also working fine when I connect my own Auth0 account, it’s just not working with the 8base one.