Unable to set database field to "No Default Values"

I’m trying to edit one of my database fields so duplicate values are not allowed. When I try select the “No Duplicate Values” option for the field and save, I get the following error:

“The field ‘shopOrigin’ has non uniques values. Please remove duplicate values and repeat the operation. Non unique values are: XXX.”

I currently have only one row of data in my table, so there’s no way I could actually have duplicate values. However, I did recently delete some rows that had duplicate values in the shopOrigin column, and I suspect these are being taken into account when they should not be.

I had a similar issue when adding a new mandatory field: I had no rows in my database at the time, yet was required to add a default value for the field since, according to the notification message, I already had data in the database that did not have a value for that new, mandatory field. But again, there was no data in the database at the time - though I had recently deleted data. I don’t care about this issue, but I mention it because it likely has the same cause as the “No Duplicate Values” issue mentioned above.

This seems like an error in 8base’s codebase (though of course, it could always be user error!). Can someone take a look?

Yeah that’s a known issue, see [FEATURE] Idea for hard delete vs. soft delete

I think a workaround I used was to just delete the table and create again?

Oh great, thanks for that link!

I’ve commented there. Having to delete the entire table is really not an acceptable work around. I need some way to view the soft deleted records and permanently delete them, whether that’s done from the Data Builder or in the API Explorer.

I’ll comment here if I find out how to do that.