Unable to query data from Salesforce virtual table


I am having an issue when executing the following query

  query {
    DevOrg {
      accountsList {
        items {

the response I get is the following:

I have executed the same query in the API Explorer and it works fine.
it looks like a bug.

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I have escalated this with the tech team and they will be in touch shortly.

Thank you Albert, at the moment none has reached me out

@albert.santalo is there a way to speed the things up?
I am using a Developer Workspace if it is worth mentioning. I have also reached support, but I have gotten no response yet.

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it should be fixed now


@angel.salazar please let us know if it’s working correctly now. Apologies for the inconvenience.

@angel.salazar what support channel did you use where you did not receive a response?