Unable to access 8Base GraphQL API for schema-documentation introspection from external GraphQL-Playground

I figured out how to make a query from outside via GraphQL Playground to my 8Base API. I think it is not directly clear for the user how to update the role and that he has to click on the role name to get to the permission section for all the configuration. but after you explained it to me i have found it and the query works with my generated API-Token an the setted Header {“Authorization”: “Bearer XXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX-XXXXXXX”}

what is not working is to have a GraphQL-API introsepction, means that the clients from outside have no clue what fields the api deliver, whether it is a query, a mutation or a subscription. I need a way to see the included documentation of my 8Base API.

Thank you for any help, best regards, tim

Glad to hear that you were able to figure this first piece out, Tim!

We’ve been working on our documentation a lot lately and are going to have a new release in the next week or so. So things like updating roles and permissions will (we hope :pray:) be much more clear!

In terms of the introspection piece, can provide an example of what you’re trying or explain a little deeper what you mean? One of the benefits of GraphQL is knowing exactly what fields are being returned. So I’m a bit confused.

For example, if I wanted to query a list of users from my client javascript app - I’d do so by specifying the type (query, mutation, subscription), the GraphQL function name (UserList), in this case, and then the desired fields (id, firstName and lastName). Something like this would work…

export const USERS_LIST_QUERY = gql`
  query UsersList {
    usersList {
      items {

and return something like this, as expected:

  "data": {
    "usersList": {
      "items": [
          "id": "cjyun05f900fh01lf9pc83977",
          "firstName": "James",
          "lastName": "Dean"
        // more....