Syntax not supported on calculated date field

I’m trying out 8Base to see if it would be a good fit for our types of projects.

I tried making a calculated Date field with this expression:

DATE_ADD(lastCheckDate, INTERVAL 15 DAY)

But this gives me the error Syntax not supported. lastCheckDate is a standard Date field.

What am I missing?

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Same problem here. Any news? @sebastian.scholl

Hmmm… not sure. My guess is that DATE_ADD is expecting a date string and is instead getting a standard date??

Maybe something like:

DATE_ADD(CAST(lastCheckDate as Date), INTERVAL 15 DAY)

It returns Syntax is not supported as well :thinking:
Do you do any in-house verification on the syntax or this error is returned from Aurora itself?

@evgeny.semushin do you have any extra insight here?

I actually can see that the error syntax comes from the INTERVAL 15 DAY part.
I’ve tried “everything” to make it work a couple of weeks ago, couldn’t manage to find a way.

Seems like you guys fixed it! @sebastian.scholl @evgeny.semushin

For ex I’m now able to set up a Tokens table with an expiredAt field with the following calculation DATE_ADD(createdAt, INTERVAL expiresIn SECOND) using a datetime and a number.

@matthijs.hakfoort Seems like it’s working now :wink:

Happy to hear it! Thanks for being patient @gahabeen

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