Subscriptions with Workspace Enviroments

Hi all,

Subscriptions are working fine for our react app using the master environment of our workspace - however when trying to switch the subscription workspaceId over to one of the workspaces secondary environments, the Web Socket connections return an error with a payload of “Workspace not found”.

I’m simply switching out the endpoint of the workspace environment: “workspaceId” connects fine, but “workspaceId_enviroment-name” returns the 8base not found error. This change in variable is to the workspaceId property of the getAuthState function of the SubscriptionLink class from 8base/apollo-links

Unless I’m doing something wrong, are there any known issues around using subscriptions with Workspace environments other than the master? I would of presumed the workspaceId to use for Workspace enviroments would just be the regular workspaceId with the enviroment name at the end, ie “${workspaceId}_${enviroment_name}”, as with the http endpoints for the graphl api per workspace enviroment?

Any insight would be appreciated,


  1. make sure you are connecting to
  2. open internet tools and in Network tools use WS filter to see all communication with web sockets
  3. please make sure that one of first payloads has

payload: {

environmentName: ENV_NAME

@ruben was this one resolved?