Skip execution of custom functions

I am wondering is there a way we can skip the execution of custom functions while triggering the mutation query. the scenario would be i want to trigger the custom function when the mutation is triggered from client and i dont want to when the administrator triggers the mutation. Is this possible?

Hello @skiran, I can recommend you the Custom Resolver documentation that allow you to extends the GraphQL schema with your own business logic. Check out both alternatives at the docs: Custom Functions | 8base Docs

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@andres.celis even with the Custom Resolvers if i execute a mutation query, if i have an trigger installed the trigger will eventually gets my idea is like is there a way to skip the execution of triggers?
for example i have an Item table and I have trigger to run on both update of item and create of item. In some scenarios i don’t want that triggers to execute, I want to skip the execution of those triggers is that possible?

No mate, currently we don’t have the ability to “skip a trigger execution” unless it’s explicit on your code like a conditional or something like that.