Select a role when user has multiple roles based on application

Is there a way to configure an application to use a specific role? We two applications that both use the same data. One application is for internal users (CCD), so their permissions include things like the ability to view all carts. The other application is a Dealer Portal for end-users and their permissions have custom filters to restrict their carts so they can only see ones created by someone in their company.

However, the internal users (CCD Agents) still need the ability to access the external dealer portal for debugging purposes and it is taking the permission of the CCD roles, therefore when you go on the dealer portal, you see all customers orders.

We are using Auth0 if that matters. Let me know if I can provide anything else. I’ve tried to create separate Authentication Profiles for each application and then select the roles on the dealer portal application to only be “User”, but this approach does not seem to work.

Hey there, is it all from a single workspace, or are you using 2 workspaces?