Search by Reference Field

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What’s your idea?

Please allow the search to work with Reference fields.

I have a bunch of tables referencing my “User Table”, which maps to the user’s email address.

Whenever something happens that requires me to manually go and update the user’s e.g. stripe table. I have no way to search for the user’s email in the other table.

and for some reason, I cannot search on the column that holds the uid for row either. So to find the row associated with the user, I have to scroll down to load all possible rows and then do a browser search for the email address (as the text is displayed in the Reference Field)

This is bothering me soo much I’m almost about to just bite the bullet and add a useless “search” column to my tables that hold the same information in a string form as what’s. already in the reference field.

What problem might it solve?

Make searching data much more pleasant.

Have you seen it somewhere else?

Plenty of databases allow search by references. React-Admin is the latest that comes to mind.

Any ideas on how you think it could/should work?

Find columns that contain the search string or where the specific reference field contains the search query.

Hey @MarkLyck - please use filter instead of search. You’ll be able to do what you need.

It’s 2 icons to the right of the search input.

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