Request - field level access changes

It seem whenever I make a change to a field, such as to the name, the field level access changes.

For instance, I have a table with a field called “url-image”. I have Guest access to be Read only on that field. If I then change the name to “url_image” the access changes to Update. :frowning: (this seems to be only happening if the dropdown is set to Custom Access for the table fields)

Another quirk seems to be when adding a new field to a table the field-level access gets set to None. I can see the reasoning for that, but if all my other fields are Read could we also have the new field be Read? Or have some way of designating a default per table / per role? :slight_smile:

During a prototyping phase lots of changes are made to tables/fields and having to always update permissions is :sob:


Hey John! Thanks for the info on this. It’s definitely more of a design concern than anything. I’m going to have to invostigate the change permission on field name change a little bit.

I have an issue with this also. I’ve been making changes to my tables, and all of a sudden, I have 1 field that started returning null. It Fields was set to Custom Access and set to None. I didn’t change it, and for some reason it only changed this one field.

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Hey @mike_ekim1024 still looking into this one!