Release logs w/ time

What’s your idea?

A release log mentioning time and date of the latest releases, and what was updated.

What problem might it solve?

It’s been a few times now where there has been an 8base update that either caused an error or a breaking change to my logic functions.

You guys are always pretty quick to solve them and I love 8base! But it’s a bit of a panic every time it happens and there’s no place other than the live chat support to check to see if there was a recent update to something related to the issue.

It would be really nice if there was some form of release log, to just see if something new was released that might be related. (also you guys keep releasing new great fixes and features and I wanna know about them!)

I just found another breaking change today (a good update) but I didn’t know it was a breaking change until my task failed and my service stopped working.

In this case it was a createMany mutation that you guys added a feature to allow connecting another table.

However this was another breaking change that required me to update a function that was previously working. (an easy task in of itself). But I did end up wasting a lot of time checking other things that could have gone wrong.

A release log of some sort would allow users to debug easier and would save many hours of stress.

Another option is maybe to focus more on testing and stability. But I don’t want to impose too much on your development workflow and you guys are very ontop of fixing breaking errors.


Yep definitely this would be a good idea.

Both for avoiding undesired results that I know for a fact that that’s not the intention but sometimes happen, and also to learn about the new features faster.

Yes this would be a great to have!