Reducing text field character limit bug

Hi team, I think I may have found a bug in the data editor.

When I try to reduce the character limit of a text field in the data editor it warns me that:
“Potential data loss during field update. Please use ‘force’ flag.”

No problem, I click on the “Force Update” button, something seems to happen, however when I try to leave that field it tells me:
“You have not saved your changes. Stay and continue editing or Leave without saving changes?”

It appears that the character count reduction fails and the field stays in edit mode, effectively leaving me unable to change the character limit.

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@squadsdev thank you for reporting that! We are looking into this right now.

@squadsdev Looks like “Default Value” for this field has more characters than you are trying to set in “Field Size”. Could you please check that and let me know. Thanks!

@ilya.8base The field is mandatory and unique but has no default value set. I even deleted my test entries in the table to see if the length of existing entries were blocking it, but no joy.

It’s currently set to 100 characters but won’t let me change to 50.

@squadsdev could you please provide your workspace id? If you want you could send it on intercom.

Hi, @squadsdev. We fixed that!