React Starter App - Login not working


I’ve been going through the quick start guide, but I’m caught up in an error where the login button throws an error, redirecting to a page that says “An error was encountered with the requested page”.

I checked my environment variables were loading correctly and they do. All parameters inside the request URL seem to match up with what I have inside .env.local, however authentication is still not working and I haven’t been able to debug this yet.

Any ideas?

After some investigation, I noticed that if I remove the id_token response type, I’m able to proceed to the Auth page, however, since the response type isn’t valid anymore, the token from the process isn’t valid to the app and I receive an ‘invalid token’ and ‘state mismatch’ error.

Also, OAuth admits both ‘token’ and id_token as response_type, but AWS Cognito only admits code and token exclusively. This seems to explain why removing id_token from the request seems to work, but I guess this isn’t expected behavior.


I’ve got your problem. I’ll let you know soon.

Lada Kokotova | Technical Support Engineer

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Hello @gantoreno!
Sorry for the troubles with the starter app.
To make it work you should use strategy: AUTH_STRATEGIES.WEB_COGNITO instead of strategy: AUTH_STRATEGIES.WEB_8BASE in your Auth.createClient ( react-8base-starter-app/src/shared/auth/index.js)

Unfortunately, we’re having the same issues using the vue-8base-starter-app. When trying to login the browser returns ‘An error was encountered with the requested page.’

The strategy is ‘AUTH0_AUTH’ (default from starter app) and using a .env.local file with an 8base auth profile.

Anyone has any idea?