Quickstart + Vue + ApolloCLient

Hi everybody :wave:

I need a little hand to setup 8base’s ApolloClient in the VueJS Quick Start app provided by 8base. I discovered this nice code sample provided by @chanlito on the Slack community, but it seems a little bit too far away from the original Quick Start App.

As a result, I don’t really understand where to start from. Could someone help me figure out how to get started with 8base’s ApolloClient please ?


Hey Andreas - do you plan on using Apollo or the 8base-js-SDK? Either will work, so please let us know what you prefer and we can share a snippet.

Hey @sebastian.scholl,
Thank you very much your response. I would like to use the most convenient option.

I honestly don’t know where the difference lies. If the result is the same in both case, I guess that I would like to try out with Apollo, as the documentation out there is quite furnished.