Problems with relational fields

I seem to be having problems with relational fields. I originally had a relationship between my Company and my Tax Rate tables but then I removed it. I have since changed my mind and have been trying to add it back, but the system is preventing me from doing that.


Both tables did have one or two test records which I have deleted but I still get the same error message. (Both tables have zero records in now)

Any advice would be appreciated.

Workspace ID: clj6a42zy000008jphsrbc2h1

Hi @JonoM,

I think your data has been soft-deleted, likely through the use of a data builder or a delete mutation via the API Explorer. To get past this error, you should completely destroy it with the taxRateDestroy/DestroyByFilter mutation.

Check out this article to learn more about the difference between deleting and destroying data: GraphQL Mutations | 8base Docs

Let me know if it solved the issue…

Confirmed, thank you.