Problem with 8base-cli

Issue Description: What’s happening?

8base-cli not working with the message:

Package8base-clicould not be found

Reproduce the Issue: What steps can someone take to replicate the problem?

  1. Run sudo npm install -g 8base-cli
  2. Run 8base commando
  3. See error

Expected Behavior: What did you expect to happen?

Run the cli normally

Actual Behavior: What actually happened?

Terminal output:
Package8base-clicould not be found

More details or screenshot

⟩ node -v


⟩ npm -v


This is happening for me as well. I can’t run any of the 8base commands (such as “8base deploy” for custom functions) without getting the error:

Package 8base-cli could not be found

When I try to reinstall 8base-cli, I get the error:

404 Not Found: 8base-cli@latest

I’m wondering if this is a npmjs issue, but the only issue they have supposedly had today/yesterday relates to publishing packages, not downloading or using ones that are already published.

There is some problem on npm side

You can follow info about the issue here:

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This seems to be resolved now, so all good :slight_smile: