Problem trying to create a dev branch in a workspace

Hi!! I used to work and create branches in other workspaces but in specific one I cant do it,
im getting this error “error: Member already exists in workspace.” and couldn’t find anything related in the docs.thanks!!

I’ll look into it. PMed you for worskpaceId.

Hi! sure!! the workspace name is Trade_Sandbox_1 this is the Id cksrvgqrl00ha08jm0kr6d873

Sorry for the inconvenience and the delay, we’ve fixed that, please check, it should not be return.

no problem! is fixed!! thanks, can I know what happen?

Hey @gabriel.espinoza
It’s a legacy problem related to one of our previous releases about 2 months ago. In general, there was a conflict between workspace and organization records for org admin in our DB.

I understand, thank you!!