Parse the uploaded file and write the data into table

Hello all,

I am working on an MVP where I am planning to use 8base.
All the needed functionalities are available in 8base but I am yet to find one crucial functionality.

I am supposed to upload an excel or a CSV file to the server, parse that file and updated the data into table.

Is there any feature available where I can write some piece of code to extract the data from file?

Thank you in Advance.

@jasmakasana you can absolutely write a function that programmatically sends that CSV data to the API. There is also a simple CSV importer in the data-builder. However, you will need to set up your data model first. I’d recommend checking out these links. Thanks!

8base Academy -Seeding Databases and Environments using Serverless Functions (Tasks) - Course 28 - YouTube

8base Academy - Defining Data Tables and Relationships in the Data Builder - Course 2 - YouTube

Data Viewer - 8base Documentation