One-to-many relationship update rules

Hi there,

I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to figuring out why I couldn’t connect to a table without having update rights on it. My use case is the following one:

I’ve got a Countries and Addresses tables.

  1. Countries entries aren’t supposed to be updated by anyone (almost). It’s a basic table to which many tables are linked to.

  2. Anyone can create an Address entry and set a reference to a country by updating the entry and connecting the country.

Problem is, I need to put an “Update” access to everyone but with custom field settings that put every field to “Read”. So no update possible. (I understand that in the background the update access is there to allow the relationship fields to be updated I guess).

I don’t know, it didn’t feel natural.
Am I doing things the wrong way? :thinking:

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Hey @gahabeen - yes this is something that we need to make clearer.

You need an Update permission on a table to build connections. Though if you don’t want someone to be able to update any fields on the table, you then need to go into fields and make them all read only.

In our next iteration of roles and permissions, we’ll be adding in relationship specific roles (i.e. permissions to Connect/Create/Reconnect/Disconnect/Update)