One to many categories buggy

I have a categories table and an items table with a relationship field. When I edit an item and select two categories and save it the row shows both categories. I then edit a different item and select one or two categories and save that. In the rows view the previous item looses its categories. I edit it and sure enough, the categories are no longer selected. If I then choose a category and save it, the other item looses its categories and so on.

Hey @zqwerty1!

What I’m guessing is happening is that you have a one to many relationship in terms of categories to items when what you need is a many to many relationship.

It sounds like a Category can only belong to one Item, so when you make the update it’s switching out the connected Item.

Can you try making the relationship many to many?

I changed it to many to many and that worked to allow the same category on multiple items.

Thanks so much Sabastian.

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Sure thing! Happy to help