Multiline text fields

I don’t see a way of adding newlines in a Data row editor text field. It would be nice to have a field type that allows you to enter multiple lines, especially when prototyping (what I’m doing now). Is there anything in the pipeline for multiline text fields?

There is also the notion of a soft-break (don’t start a new paragraph) using shift-enter or ctrl-enter I’d like to support. For now, I’ll use
for soft-return and ␍ for hard return (paragraph). It’s visual, and it works with JS String split(). i.e. content.split(’

Well, I just found out it supports multi-line if you set the field size to something larger. > 256? I still need to support soft-returns, so I can encode those still as ␍ maybe.

We’re making an update for this currently! You’ll be able to specify single line or multi line :slight_smile:

I even want a markdown option!


Awesome, great enhancement!