Migrating specific files with commands

Hi, i was using migrations in my brach and it is working well, but I was reading the community and the 8base’s documentation and when I want to only migrate an specific file I have to manually delete all the other generated files and leave the one that I want to migrate from “Dev” to “Staging”, is there any command that let me do that automatically?, something that let me only migrate and specific field or an specific table?

I want to automate the migration process with github workflows but I need to be able to insert conditions on what tables or fields I want to migrate and which ones not.

@jetixsolorzano Thanks for the question,

Our cli supports a way to commit specific migrations by providing --target (-t) flag

8base migration commit -t [array]

Also you can try to generate migrations for specific table by providing --tables (-t) flag

8base migration generate -t [array]

So you don’t have to delete unused migrations

Documentation for 8base cli commands can be found here 8base docs

If you need more custom solution, I guess you can write a shell / js script to do preparation work

All the best,
Igor from 8base

The problem is that if i do that, it will generate records, not table configuration like the type of row, names, the roles updates etc…
I dont need that, how can i generate all the migrations files that have the configurations for an specific table

@jetixsolorzano Our CLI does not support generating only configuration migrations yet

We will discuss to add this feature in future release!

For now I can only suggest writing shell/js script that will parse the name and filter “data” migrations