Login not working in React Starter App

Hi all,

I’ve just started working with 8base by following the tutorial here, but am having a problem with the Sign in.

The button ends up taking me to my login Domain from my Authorization Profile, but with /error?error=invalid_request&client_id= with my Client ID for the same profile as the value of the last param.

The content of the page is simply “An error was encountered with the requested page.”

I’ve double checked the values in the .env file and they all seem to match up.

Has anyone had this issue before?


Hmmm, are you using a .env.local file or the .env file?

Hey @sebastian.scholl, I’m using .env is that not correct?

Try using a .env.local file and then make sure you restart your local development server.

The .env file provides a template of the required environment variables. Please do not commit any environment variables to git tracking. Running the following command will copy the .env template a new .env.local file that’s already specified in the .gitignore .

cat .env > .env.local

All variables in the template are collected from your workspace and get used to enable both authentication and api connectivity.


OK, I’ve been following the steps from Quick Start in the Docs (https://docs.8base.com/docs/getting-started/quick-start), which doesn’t mention the bit about using .env.local

I tried that but I’m unfortunately still getting the same error (even after restarting the local server).

I’ll try starting up the react app today and let you know if I run into similar issues!

Sounds good, thanks.

Hey @evan.mcdaniel - I was able to login to the React App after updating some dependencies that we causing problems. However, I wasn’t able to replicate any issue with the environment variables getting read.

Were you able to resolve that? The latest changes have been deployed.

Hey @sebastian.scholl, sorry for the delay here. Finally finding time to get back to this.

Unfortunately, I’m still getting the same error after starting over from scratch.

I’m using a .env.local file (though it had the same error with the non local version).

Btw, the repo (https://github.com/8base/react-8base-starter-app) has the env variables starting with REACT_APP_ while the quick start has just APP_ . I tried with both and REACT_APP_ seems to be the one that’s picked up.

Happy to troubleshoot this in real-time if that would help.

I’m really hoping to move forward with auth testing and was thinking this was the best way to go.

In the mean time, I’ll start digging around the docs to see if I can get it working some other way.

I understand the confusion now with the environment variables vs. quick-start.

Each sample app has a respective template for the environment variables as there is a different naming convention. I’ll try making it clearer.

Was there any resolution to this error?

The sign up button ends up taking me to my login Domain from my Authorization Profile, but with /error?error=invalid_request&client_id= with my Client ID for the same profile as the value of the last parameter.

Make sure your environment variables are getting read and named properly for the framework you’re using.


Do you have the updated dependencies available to share?

I’ve been trying to get https://github.com/8base/react-8base-starter-app to work with 8base auth, and I keep getting, “An error was encountered with the requested page.”

I really want to get started with 8base, but not being able to log in is a real show stopper for me.

Hello @coreyrobertson!
Sorry to hear you have problems with the platform and we’re aware of starter app auth problems.
Please check this thread for the solution React Starter App - Login not working
We will update the docs and starter app repo in near future.