Issues around using a tsconfig with custom resolvers

Apologies if this is an obvious question/issue - I’m trying to use 8bases custom resolvers with typescript and have come into some issues with the esModuleInterop flag as well as needing to declare some custom type definitions.

I’ve declared these in a local tsconfig.json file however I seem to get deploy errors, both locally and when deploying through a GitHub Action. Any advice?

Solved this one in the service desk system.
For those who might be interested: you can’t use your own tsconfig when deploying a project - it will be ignored.
This feature is already in development and will be implemented in one of the next releases.

Has the ability to use custom tsconfig files been released? I’ve done a search for release notes but didn’t anything specifically about this

I’m running into an issue with custom paths not working as expected

Hello, yes, you can use your own tsconfig.json, just place it in the project’s root folder and deploy.