Issue with JSON formatting

We are trying to store JSON in our table but it seems that it is getting reformatted on save. This reformatting reorders the object keys in alphabetical order like so:
{“z”:“123”, “a”: “456” } gets reformatted to {“a”: “456”, “z”: “123”}

It’s important for us to keep the structure of our original JSON object. Is this something you can help with?


Hey Matt - JSON/Objects have no implicit ordering, unlike Arrays. The ordering of the keys (top to bottom) has no functional impact. Is it because you are printing the JSON to a console, or writing it to a file, and want to maintain a categorized order?

If that’s the case, I’d recommend using an Array, or avoiding the JSON field altogether and saving a String of your data.

Array : [[“z”, “123”], [“a”, “456”]]

Saving this array would maintain the ordering, which you could then write a function to reduce it back to an object or print it in order.

String : ‘{“z”:“123”,“a”:“456”}’

Running JSON.stringify({“z”:“123”, “a”: “456” }) on your object would return the string you’d save, which then after querying could be restored using JSON.parse(’{“z”:“123”,“a”:“456”}’).