Is any way to view all my queries and mutations as a log?

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Hello Gabriel!

Could you describe a little more what exactly do you mean?

Lada Kokotova | Technical Support Engineer

Hi Lada! sure!! for example I would like to have a logs archive in which is described every query and mutation made, like aws cloud trail.



Unfortunately, We don’t support logging mutations and queries. But this feature is in our backlog.
But as an alternative we can suggest you wrap all your queries and mutations into function that send info to system like rollbar or honey badger.

Lada Kokotova | Technical Support Engineer

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Can you explain what you mean by wrap them into a function? Each query should be its own function? Would I need a custom resolver for each and every table?

Hey there - it’s in our roadmap to launch a “cloud trail like” solution where you get all logs for API calls to your workspace. Currently, we don’t provide a facility for you to automatically collect logs from the API calls made that use the auto-generated GraphQL API operations.

For any write operation to the database, you can write a trigger function that captures the API call that was made and logs it to 8base or sends it to a 3rd party logging system. There are different strategies for structuring the logging functions in a more or less efficient manner.

When it comes to Query operations (database reads), you’d need to actually write a custom resolver function through which you’re sending your queries.

Let me know if that helps.