In Graphql, first filter with Groupby and then sort and get 10

In Graphql, I need to find how to filer like this.
first filter with Groupby and then sort by custom field and get first 10 data

Hey @maxb47163 !
Let’s consider there is a table called Posts that exists, having expected field title and authors relation in your schema.
I still need some time to deal with sorting by custom field inside the grouping, but the query for your scenario will be look like this:

query groupWithSortAndFirst {
  postsList(groupBy: {
    query: {
      authors: {
        name: {
          as: "authorName"
      _group: {
        as: "authorPosts"
    sort: {
      direction: ASC
    	alias: "authorPosts"
    }, first: 10
  }) {
    groups {
      authorName: String
      authorPosts: PostGroup {
        items {

Are you sure the grouping feature is suitable for your use case?
Can you describe it more specifically with the given schema and expected result and I will try to find the best solution with our API instruments?

Thank you for reply.
I think your answer is based on 8base service.
Does it work for pure graphql?
If not, please give me answer in pure graphql.
Thanks in advance!