IMPORTANT NOTICE -- 8base System API Changes


In the past, each 8base member always has its own workspace user, after our release yesterday, members and users are created separately, and some current functionality could be affected.

As workspace’s members already have their own users it will not affect current members, but it could affect newly created members.

  1. The dynamic variables is_self, __loggedInUserId, and __loggedInUserEmail will not work in case of workspace doesn’t contain the user with the email that equals the member’s email. Please check if it will not affect your workspaces.

  2. The following server API’s are impacted:

teamMember -> system: environmentMember
teamMembersList -> system:environmentMembersList
teamMemberDelete -> system:environmentMemberDelete
teamMemberUpdate -> system:environmentMemberUpdate
teamMemberDestroy -> no
teamMemberRestore -> no
teamMemberUpdateByFilter -> no
teamMemberDeleteByFilter -> no
teamMemberDestroyByFilter -> no
teamInvitationDelete -> no
teamInvitationDestroy -> no
teamInvitationRestore -> no
teamInvitationDeleteByFilter -> no
teamInvitationDestroyByFilter -> no
system:teamInvitationAccept -> system:memberInvitationAccept
system:teamInvitationResend -> system:memberInvitationResend
systemteamInvitationCancel -> system:memberInvitationCancel
teamInvitationDetails -> system:memberInvitation
teamInvitationsList -> system:memberInvitationsList
system:userAccountInfo -> system:memberAccount
system:userAccountInfoUpsert -> system:memberAccountUpsert

Please let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help you through any questions or changes.