Import CSV with Dates

When I try and import a CSV with multiple records in it with date fields I get the following error and the upload doesn’t process. I used the same format as what you get in the GraphQL response on date values and it’s failing. Is the a specific format to use for the upload?



We’ll investigate this issue and let you know soon.

Lada Kokotova | Technical Support Engineer

Hello @gbailey4 ,
You are using the right date format for importing: Y-m-d (2022-01-01).
I’ve checked it with various fields/records/dates in my csv and I’ve got it imported just ok.
Looks like you have extra space before date value in your CSV
Can you check it and let me know?

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This was correct, thank you! Google Sheets for some reason exported w/ the space so I added a TRIM field in there and it worked like a charm. Thanks!