Image URLs that won't expire

Hi team, I’m integrating Algolia instant search into my app and have run into an issue with images.

I’m providing Algolia with the download URL for an avatar image to show in the results list item. It’s been working fine for the last 24 hours or so, but today the oldest images all stopped appearing. When opening them in their own browser tab I see the following message:

application AAdy0pa… policy error: the signature has expired

Is there a way to get an image URL that won’t expire?

Hi, thank you for your report!
First of all, we don’t recommend to use persistent download URL. Here are some solutions:

  1. You could call createField mutation and set expiration time property in fieldTypeAttributes as you need. If you want to set expire time equals 2 days, you have to set “60 * 60 * 24 * 2”
mutation {
  system {
    fieldCreate (data:{
      fieldType: FILE
        expiration: 60*60*24*2
  1. Another way to download files is to use shareUrl property. This property links to 8base server, then the server will ask to login to 8base. This solution is used when you need to pass a link to email or whatever. It’s guaranteed to protect your file data. If you want to make this file public, just setup permission to allow all access to this file.
    If the user already has token and don’t have to login to 8base, you could add to shareUrl “download” query parameter.
    For example “shareUrl”?download=true. Otherwise, if the file has public access, the user will not have to have any token.
    In this case, the server will parse you token and proxy to temporary download url.