I need to create a user with mobile number only without email and password

I have implemented passwordless login with auth0 and will like to create users on 8base with same data.

But I realised that email and password field are required, anyway I can work around that?

Hey Akinduko - this is actually something that we’ve been meaning to update for awhile, which is the ability to specify on the Users table which field to map authentication to.

The work around, which isn’t optimal but does work, is to generate a fake email for your users that get’s used behind the scenes for the mapping.

@evgeny.semushin what would it take to push this capability out?

Hey Sebastian,

We will not be able to use the fake email workaround.

At some point the profile will have an email, and we are managing another infrastructure for our recommendation which is currently using auth0 sms connection that uses phone number, since we are trying to unify authentication using Auth0, fake email and password will not be ideal for us.

In the mean time, it would be great if userSignUpWithToken could

1: Allow us create a user profile with a phoneNumber as opposed to email only.

2: I also will like if 8Base allows me use a JWT token created with mobile number on Auth0.

Hey Akinduko, I understand. Let’s see what Evgeny says about this.

When I say “fake email address”, I mean that you could do something like “[phonenumber]@tribluser.net”. It would be done behind the scenes from the user, not ask the user to supply a fake email.

That said, I agree it’s not ideal. So lets see how we can adapt.