Hubspot integration that is shown in Bolt video?

Hi @sebastian.scholl, @lada.kokotova -

It looks like there was a Hubspot integration planned, or in development back in 2019 when Andre recorded the overview of the GraphQL Bolt integrations-

Is Hubspot an integration you’re still planning to add, or actively developing? Having this, and others, in addition to Salesforce would be a massive help.


Hello Clayton!

I’ll ask our developers about the details and I’ll let you know soon.

Lada Kokotova | Technical Support Engineer

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Sorry to keep you wait. At the time, due to a change in priority and limited interest, it was taken off the roadmap. I’m sure that Salesforce can meet all your needs. For what do you need Hobspot? Maybe we could recommend something to you.

Lada Kokotova | Technical Support Engineer

Lada - thank you the follow up.

The need for Hubspot is to more readily create Hubspot-linked products, similar to Salesforce-linked products, but for the users of that CRM.

I heard @sebastian.scholl reference a new plug-in system that is being worked on. That sounds great, a couple of questions on it –

  • will plug-ins allow someone to create integrations that behave the same as the Salesforce add-on (e.g. virtual tables, etc)?
  • are you able to share any progress or an approximate timeline for this?

You’re welcome!

I guess Sebastian might be the best person to answer your questions.
@sebastian.scholl could you look at this, please?

Lada Kokotova | Technical Support Engineer

Hi! yes, the new plugin system is being built to allow 8base developers to build 8base plugins that include things like virtual tables.

We’re currently working on the plugin system though don’t have a public availability date at this time.

Thanks Sebastian, looking forward to it.