How to setup a custom auth? (like with

Does anyone have experience setting up a fully custom auth solution like using

Should I build a service that does the proxy with the service and a homemade OpenID endpoint?

Look’s cool. Haven’t played with it yet. Are you having trouble at a point in setup or just in general asking?

I’m not sure how it would fit in your Auth workflow as it would have to go through an OpenID Connect endpoint that they don’t provide.

Any other way I could set up a custom auth?

Hmmmm, I’m not sure… Have you been able to authenticate a user using and get a valid JWT or idToken back from the link?

Hi Guys,

Have you figured out this? We are also migrating our Auth provider to but We do not know how to get it connected to 8base?

We have a valid idToken JWT but we do know how to set up the Authentication Profile