How do I get my auth0 database `connection` name?


I’m trying to implement a forgot password feature again. I did this a long time ago and I remember last time I had to contact live chat support to get the database connection name. I still have the old value in this format:


I believe I am still what you call an “auto0 legacy authentication user”? Some one mentioned somewhere that you switched to using Amazon some time ago?

I need to get this for both of my workspaces and I’m not sure which workspace the old one I have is for.

I am going to use it with this endpoint:

with a POST request (taking client_id, email & connection).

I’m not quite sure how to contact support directly anymore since the live chat was disabled and it doesn’t fit into either a bug or feature request. :man_shrugging:


Hey Mark - community is perfect place to ask these things. Thanks for the question and good to hear from you. The community is the right place to ask these things.

If you’re using the 8base auth, there’s a mutation:

mutation {
  userPasswordForgot(data: {
    email: ""
    authProfileId: ""
  }) {

For the auth0 legacy, we’ll need to get @timothy.myers to pull in a team member. You can always email

Thank you

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