How are 'Active' Users Determined?

In the users table there is a predefined field called status. Unfortunately it’s impossible to inspect the predefined fields in the schema viewer. All I can see is that it’s a switch and value is ‘Active’ for all our users. I’m guessing this is correlated with the active user count one sees in the users view in the console. How is the status of a user determined / updated?

We’d like to know how many of our users are active. Before we roll our own solution for this, I’d like to know if we can leverage this field somehow?

Hey @daniel ,

Status is really just one of those predefined fields for users that we determined everyone seems to use. It can be active or inactive and it’s fully at your discretion on how to use it. It doesn’t affect login capabilities or active user counts on the 8base side of things. You can also update it yourself using a mutation or when editing the user in the ‘Data’ tab of the table.